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Woodland Biosciences is an expert preclinical services CRO working with you to create solutions to meet your research goals. We are flexible and responsive to your experimental needs. We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success. We offer in vivo services for the study of metabolic diseases and oncology. 

What's New At Woodland

Woodland newly expanded location

Woodland has a newly expanded 5,500 sq. ft. office and vivarium located at 2521 US Rte. 11, Lafayette, NY 13084. See the blueprint of our new lab at the button below. 

Our Innovative Technology

At Woodland Biosciences, we believe that our work will enable proof-of-concept for your projects. We know that every model we build requires thoughtfulness and attention to detail in planning and execution. Our passion for science, compassion for our animals and our dedication to your experiment makes us a vendor of choice.

Woodland Biosciences

2521 US Rte. 11, Lafayette, NY 13084

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